Agfa Colour

BIOS 397


Reported by

William M. Harcourt


January 1946\BIOS Target Number: 9/134


Keywords: AGFA Colour Negative Positive Process; Technical information on the processing of AGFA Colour Negative and Positive; Film Production in the British Zone of Germany; Film production - Dubbing facilities in the British Zone, Conversation with Bruno Jensens ex-chief sound engineer U.F.A. studios; Agfa Colour negative - paper process; This process has been developed by the AGFA technicians during the war; Very obviously, however, such lightning as exists in British Studios to-day would be perfectly adequate for the purpose of photographing in Agfa colour; The printing out of a film can be carried out on any normal Printer that particularly makes use of a moving diaphragm; The Patents of Agfa Colour being public domain and available to any who care to use them ... ; Formula of viscous bleach .. ; The Mars Laboratory is part of the UFA Organisation ...



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