German Aircraft Paints

BIOS 365

Copied partially


Reported by

S/Ldr. G. Palmer    M.A.P.

S.D.O. A. Macmaster    M.A.P.

S.D.O. H. Hughes    M.A.P.


B.I.O.S. Black List Item 22

Miscellaneous Chemicals


BIOS Target Numbers

C22/804, C22/396, C22/2093, C22/2081, C22/2195, C22/2910, C22/2194, C22/2908,

C22/1913, C22/2911, C22/2909


BIOS Trip 1348


Keywords:    Targets visited and persons interviewed; Items of interest; Polystahl; Fireproof pains and dopes; Nitrocellulose and other cellulose ester dopes; Protection of wooden aircraft; Petrol resisting paints; Heat reflecting paints; Paints for metal aircraft; camouflage; sealing compounds; Rubber, Tapes etc. ; Laboratory appartus; Kurt Herberts & Co Wuppertal-Barmen; Dr. Hoffmann & Herr Moll; Vorwerke u. Sohn Wuppertal-Barmen; Herbig Haarhaus A.G. Köln - Bickendorf Dr. H.F. Sarx - Dr. Heidkamp; Theodor Kotthof Herr Cottaeus Herr Wesputat;  Spies Heckler & Co. Köln - Raderthal Dr. Thamm Dr. Hecker; Court & Bauer A.G. Köln Ehrenfeld Fraulein Bauer; Beer u. Sohn; D.V.L. Travemünde Herr Fisscher; Gustav Ruth Hamburg-Wandsbeck Dr. Erich Asser Sr. Dr. Asser Jr. Herr Th. Ruth; Detmolder Lackfabrik Detmold; Schafferhenrich & Co Detmold;  The german Airm Ministry in 1936 asked firms to submit aircraft painting for appoval .. ; China Wood Oil .. ; Polystahl .. ; Desmophen I.G. Leverkusen; Herboloid .... ; Vinoflex Type N 25 ... ; Grundlack Spaanlack - Zwischenlack Vinoflex PCU Type H .. Deck Lack ... ; Albanol; Ikarols .. ; Properties for lacquers for stamping .. ; Zinc chromate .. ; Durophen ... Alberols .. ; Ikarol .. ; Synourin ..Castrol .. DKH 8800 .. ; Focke Wulf 190 ... ; Plexiglas .. ; Standoplast .. Aviatin .. ; Silicones were not used commercially in Germany .. ; Herberts of Wuppertal had not suffered much from damage to offices and laboratories .. ; Acronal 4 .. Plastphal .. Palatinol .. K.30 ... Caput mortuum ..  




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