German Graphitising Furnaces

 at Meitingen

(Siemens Plania)

BIOS 337


Reported by

W.B.C. Perrycoste, M.A.P.

16 February, 1946




BIOS Target Numbers

C21/794, C31/808, C22/2866

Keywords:    Object of visit; Personnel interviewed; Bom damage; General Description of Factory; Power Supply; The target was included in the list for the Team inspecting Aluminium Reduction Factories .. ; The memebers of this Team did not feel themselves qualified to undertake a critical investigation .. ; Dr. Minstring (Manager) Herr Gerhard Production Superinintendent Dr. Hubmann Electrical Engineer; Power Supply 9,000,000 kWH per month ... ; furnaces .. single phase up to 50,000 amps at 50/150 volts ... ; furnace details .. ;Carborundum .. ; Basic wages had not altered since before the war ...




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