German Secundary Batteries

(With Special Reference to Those Used By Army Signals)

BIOS Report No. 307


Reported by

R.W.Th. Couzens, M. of S.



BIOS Target Numbers

C31/104, C31/1260, C31/737, C31/2056, C31/1035, C31/105, C31/107, C31/2057, C31/141, C31/2055


Keywords:    Object of visits and Firms visited; Gottfried Hagen A.G. Köln Kalk; Dynamit A.G. Troisdorf; Accumulatoren Fabrik A.G. Hagen (AFA, AOB); Concordia Elektrizitäts A.G. Dortmund; Accumulatorenwerk Hoppecke; Accumulatoren Fabrik Wilhelm Hagen Soest; A.E.G. Berlin; Accumulatoren Fabrik A.G. Berlin; Robert Bosch A.G. Stuttgart; Columbus Werke Ludwigshafen; Main Technical Features of German lead/acid Batteries; boxes; containers; Non-Spillable Devices; plates; grids; Separators; Specific Gravity of Electrolyte; tests; A.F.A Hagen ... ; Mipolam obtained from Dynamit Troisdorf ..  Herr Meines Director Plastics Section - Herr Tensi Manager Moulding Works - Dr. Rohn Chemical Director; Accumulatoren Fabrik A.G. Hagen Herr Hardt + Herr Bischoff Directors - Herr Arnold Manager Lead Works - Herr Schulte Manager Submarine Works - Herr Katz Manager Alkaline Works - Dr. Emden (Embden?) Manager Rubber Works - this is the oldest of the A.F.A. Groupd of seven factories ... ; Buna for protection .. ; Concordia Elektrizitäts A.G. Dortmund Herr Apelt Director .. ; Hoppecke Herr Helmuth (Hellmuth??) Zoellner Director - Dr. Hoehne Chief Chemist - Herr Hohmann Works Manager .. ; Accumulatoren Fabrik Wilhelm Hagen Soest This works was closed down by the (British) Military Government but Dr. Konig (König??) Chief Chemist was present on 11/1/46 ...; A.E.G Berlin  The head offices are at Hohenzollern Damm 150 where on 15/1/46 the following persons were seen: Dr. Krebs Director - Herr Friede Factory Manager - Dr. Nippold They stated that they have never made secundary batteries either of the acid or alkaline type nor have they made any parts for them .. ;  Accumulatoren Fabrik A.G Berlin Dr. Gemershausen Director - Herr Ruschweih Secretary - Herr Schmittermair Engineer - Herr Nippe sales - Herr Spengler Works Manager; Robert Bosch A.G. Stuttgart Herr Winter formerly in charge of Production of batteries but now of Ignition .. - Dr. Callsen now in charge of Production batteries - Herr Knezele? Technical Assistant - Dr. Habler Chemist - Herr Hattinger Works Manager; Columbus Werke Ludwigshafen Herr Wolpert was interviewed on 25/1/46 The firm is now known as "Otto Wolpert - Ludwigshafen"; 49182/1350/4.3.46./PSC/27.59.2.




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