Production of Luminous Compounds at

the Works of Auere Gesellschaft A.G.

BIOS Report 303


Very curious and intriguing is that the last text page is being blanked with a tear kind of substance. This file is the only one I ever encountered in my very long archive surveys



Reported by:


BIOS Target No. C21/371


Keywords:    Object of Investigation; General position; Stocks; Sources of Supply; Plants of the Auer Gesellschaft A.G.; Manufacture of radioactive luminous paints, Manufacture of zinc sulphide; Production of radium compounds for luminous paints; Radium Syndicate which handled .. ; Radium - Resothorium - Radiothorium - Mesothorium; Auer Plant at Oranienburg; Mr. Paetsch President - Dr. Iwen Technical director - Mr. Woltje Technical assistant - Dr. Wolf Technical Director; Activation of zinc sulphide .. ; The raw material was pitchblende obtained from St. Joachimsthal Czechoslovakia ... smelted with caustic soda .. ; The Auer Adaptometer ..




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