Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke


BIOS Final Report No. 297



Reported by

Lt. Col. Pond, M. of S.


Miscellanous Chemicals

BIOS Target Numbers

C22/2707, C31/700


Keywords:    Report of movements; Personnel; General Plant Description; Extruction; Spreader; Cutting and winding gear; Starting up; Running; Threads; Commercial Prices; Long distance trunk cables; Trunk zone; Local cables; Chairman Director Julius Engler (Swiss) - Active directors Director Fuhr (Commercial) - Direktor Greis (Shipping) - Direktor Boos (Technical); Cable cores Herr Logemann - Cable armour Herr Wohlken - Electrical tests Herr Reingardt - Styroflex Herr Mennemann - Factory engineer Herr Weidau; polysteren (Styroflex or trolitul, AOB); Detailed Plant description ..




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