Hydrogen Peroxide Works of

Otto Schickert & Co.,

at Bad Lauerberg and Rhumspringe

BIOS 294



Reported by:


  •     A. Davidson        Ministry of Supply

  •     T.N. Blockley                        "

  •     B. Vigers                                "


BIOS Target No. C22/1649


BIOS Trip No. 1301


Keywords:    Properties of Hydrogen Peroxide 80 -85%; German capacity for Hydrogen Peroxide; grades of concentration ... ; Barium Peroxide Process; Persulphic Acid-Weissenstein Process; Potassium Persulphate Precipitation; Pietsch & Adolph process ; Ammonium Persulphate (all-liquid) Loewenstein process (Kufstein) Schmidt process, Anthaquinone process ... ; H2O2 ... ; Dr. Pietsch, Dr Adolph, Elfa Haran Aarau (CH), Dr. Thoma Zürich, Merck Holdz Co (CH), Frau Kramer Garmisch, Dr. Zeitelmann Wurzber? .. ; In 1934 Dr. Walter of the Walter Werke A.G. Kiel came to dr. Pietsch with a request for 50% H2O2 in order to work out some ideas of power generation ... submarine engines ... which could travel about 30 miles under water .. ; By January 1939 progress had reached the point where construction ofthe Bad Lauterberg plant ... antraquinone method worked out by I.G. Farben .. ; for personnel handling T-Stoff a P.V.C. weave clothing has been manufactured to pprotect from splashes .. ; Process used in Germany .. ; Weissenstein Process .. Austria by  .. licenced at Rheinfelden by Degussa production started in 1908 .. Elchemie Kufstein ... ;  Riedel de Haen in 1929 ... ; Dr. Pfleiderer had worked ... very large plants were being built by the German Government at Heidebreck and Waldenberg .. ; Dr. Krutzsch of Electro-Chemische Werke Munich has been on this process for 14 years .. ; Otto Schickert general manager -  Dr-Ing. Werner Piening Technical Department - Dr.Phil. Wilhelm Reggelin Chemical Department - Dipl.Ing. Wolfgang Schubert Design & Construction - Dr. heinrich Glaeser Manager of Laboratory - Dr. Piening ... 




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