Krupps, Essen

and incorporating information on

Luftfahrtgeraetewerke, Hakenfeld, Berlin

and activities by Dudenhausen at Rietberg

BIOS 286



Reported by:

F.F. Marschall    M.A.P.

W.E. Fairfoul    M.A.P.


and incorporating information on

Luftfahrtgeratewerke, Hakenfelde, Berlin and activities by Dudenhausen at Rietburg


BIOS Target Numbers

C25/506, C25/558, C27/406


Keywords:    Object of visit; Report on visit to Krupp, Essen; personnel interviewed; Apprentice trainings; Drawing Office Organisation; Department of organisation; Equipment at Ratingen; Action Taken;  ... Mr. Prurves stated that a number of German scientists and technicians were working at .. ; autopilots .. director Klein of L.G.W. .. ; A signal was despatched to U.K. through Group 4 on 12th November seeking information on official authority for the work in hand at L.G.W. and instruction on possible necessity for team to visit Berlin to clarify the position. (signal did nor reach its destination until 29th November, after the team had returned to U.K.; The team were unable to leave for Krupps, Essen before 14th November ... ; servo motors for Siemens K23A auto pilot .. ; Object of visit: To obtain Drawing Office equipment particularly draughting machinesm practically unobtainable in U.K. and any other apparatus and aids conductive to efficiency of the Drawing Offices at the Royal Aircraft Establishment .. ; Krupps Draughtman Dr. Krenger Large quantity of draughting machines may interest Control Commission Target 1/709, 3 kilometres south of Ratingen...; Von der Becke conducted .. ; Evacuation request form fully describing the equipment and giving instructions was handed to O/C "T" Force Detachment at Essen, Heiseingen on 17th together with .... ; It was pointed out that early evacuation of the equipemnt from Krupps was advisible, but removal to U.K. could not be regarded as urgent ..




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