The Voith-Schneider Propellor



Reported by

E.C. Goldsworthy


Target No. 29/49


Keyword:    The following Report is based on the information obtained from a visit to the works of Messrs. J.M. Voith Heidenheim/Brenz from the 24th July to the 31st July (1945) Target Evaluation Report prepared and handed to C.I.O.S. Headquarters Frankfurt on the 2nd August; The Voith-Schneider Propellor was introduced as a method of ship's propulsion in 1930. Its particular characteristic is that it can give variable directional thrust as well as variable pitch, Rudders and steering gear are not, therefore, required and the propeller is uni-rotatable and at constant speed under any condition of load. .. It was being increasingly used throughout the world for mercantile work before the war and was standard for the german Navy's "R" boats.... ; The propeller was manufactured only by J.M. Voith in their works at Heidenheim/Brenz germany and St. Poelten (Pölten) Austria; Types of propellers fitted since 1939; .. equipment requistioned ..; 4870/1250/18.3.46/PSC/29.59.2


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