Telefunken Gesellschaft für Drahtlose

Telegraphie m.b..., Berlin;

Special Materials for Radio Valves

BIOS Report 276


Reported by:

 E.R. Owen, Aircraft Branch, Economic Division C.C. For Germany (B.E.)



BIOS Target No. 7/58(a)

E.R. Owen, Asst./Controller, Aircraft Branch


Keywords:    The Telefunken organization made from 30-40 per cent of the total production of radio valves in Germany and occupied countries during the war .. ; At the Berlin factory the Company developed the application in radio valves of certain special metals, particularly thorium - zirconium and aluminium - plated (on, AOB)- iron for electrodes, getters etc .. ; It had eight factories making valves - at Berlin - Erfurt - Neuhaus - Litzmannstadt (now Lodz in Poland, AOB) - Prague - Liegnitz, Reichenbach (Sudetenland, AOB) and Ulm, the one in Berlin having the largest output. The peak output of the organization was in December 1944 when, expressed in terms of Reichsmarks, it amounted to 8 million per month. Telefunken aimed at 10 million R.M. by June 1945 (a rate of 10 R,M. per valve will give approximate figures for the corresponding number of valves .. ; Valve production figures per month .... ; Visits on October 8th, 9th, and 15th 1945 .... ; Personnel interviewed Dr. Erich Weigand (? Wiegand??, AOB) Director and chief engineer,  Dr. Weth director and head of valve department, Dr. Statz head of experimental dept. - Dr. Zuckermann Assistant to chief engineer, Mr. Stange metallurgist ... metals used in radio Valves ... thorium ..torium sheet ..sintering .. thorium rod and wire .. depositing of thorium ... ; RV12P2000 anode comprised of iron coated with aluminium ... ; Zirconium .... spraying ... sintering .. ; E - Iron .. P2 - Iron ... PN - Iron .. Getters .. Ceto powder ... cerium-misch ...  




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