German Landing Gear, Design and Testing

BIOS 251


Reported by

Mr. P.H. Watson    (R.A.E.)

Mr. S.A. Makovski    (R.A.E.)

Royal Aircraft Establishment




BIOS Target Numbers

C25/554, 25/203, C25/560, 25/110


3.2 Short visits and enquiries were made at the following targets:


Keywords:    Object of investigations; the object is to ascertain German experience of aeroplane undercarrages and their methods of design; Outstanding troubles .. due to the very high landing speed - up to 150 m.p.h. (360 km/h); Structure german methods of construction followed orthodox practice generally except for their much use of welding including flesh welding. In this respect they were much more advanced than British practice and probably as much as American; V.D.M. Grossauheim, near hanau, This firm was also known as Continental Metall A.G. and made landing gear and shock absorbers, wheels, brakes and hydrolic equipment; main undercarrage tailwheels Me.110, Fieseler Storch Main undercarrage and nosewheel unit He.219 and He.280 (jet tricycle limited number) and main undercarrage Ju88, Ju188 and Ju388 - Ju52 and Ju252 - Me.210 and Me.410 - Me163 - FW189 - He.111 and He.177; He.162 and Me.109 was Elma unit; Siemens Flash Welding ...; Shock Absorbers .. the early type of shock absorber made by this firm was the Faudi or V.D.M. type which uses air only as in the Avro Anson type unit .. ; Elma G.m.b.H. Waiblingen .. F.W.190 and F.W.152 ... main undercarrage Me109, FW190, FW152, Do335, Me262, Ar234 .... ; The plant was well equipped foor welding and there were A.E.G. flash welding machines .. ; According to the chief engineer very extensive tests had been made on flash welding before it was adopted ... ; The new test building had been constructed to contain two drop testing machines, a 150 ton press and a pulsator for fatique tests .. The normal endurance test was taken as 10,000 strokes; Design of shock absorbers .... its main advantage were stated to be the ease of production and small hydrolic fluid content ..  The use of grease was not favoured .. ; It appeared that that the large drag forces ... ; ..... but failing this prerotation of wheels was considered desirable ... ; Shimmy Nosewheel shimmy had caused a certain amount of trouble which was cured by hydrolic shimmy dampers ... ; Landing gear layout ... ; Strength under landing conditions .. ; strangth under taxying conditions .. ; Aircraft wheels; Wheel brakes ..




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