The Radio Valve and Lamp Industry

in Vienna

BIOS 248



Reported by

A/Com Carleton Dyer,    MAP

W/Cdr G.L. Hunt,    MAP

Mr. J. Thorn,    MAP

Sjt. Wayne,    MAP

9-17 November 1945


BIOS Target Numbers

7/129,    1/335,    1/61(d),    1/378,    1/73,    1/383,    1/295,    1/356,    1/384,    1/294


Targets: Osram - Vienna Telephone & Telegraph (VTT) an IT&T associate - Rothmüller - Mena small manufactures of electrolytic condensers and components


Keywords:    The Anschluss of 1938 marked an important change in control of companies by Nazi domination. Such important firms as Siemens & Halske, Osram and the Philips Group were brought under the direction of German Nazis, or Austrians of like persuasion. The companies of Schrack-Ericsson and Watt (Tungsram) were maintained in full employment; Preliminary to our visit, a thorough coverage of ... CAFT 1, Frankfurt, SIGESO and Field Team ..; Dr. Eduard Schrack - Director Schrack - Ericsson Vienna XII, Pottendorferstrasse 25-7 Black List 1/355 visited 12th, 1945 .... 700 machines were removed by the Russians and practically nothing was left .. ; The valve question does not present much difficulty at the moment because there are substantial stocks in the country, and Philips in Vienna can no doubt take care of their entire requirements in the future ... ; Siemens & Halske Black List 1/61d Ing Supanko Herr Blahe Dr. Siebertz, Ing. Kraus, Ing Colker ... ; the usual removal of machineries by the Russians .. ; Dr. Siebertz the chief radio valve research scientist, described the lines along which Siemens & Halske had been working since 1941 .... magnetrons and klystrons .... ; housekeeper seals ... ; Ing Kraus Siemens .. LD2, LD5, LD15 LG12 pins heald in chrome iron moulds .... Ing. Volker ... ; Radio Werke A.G. Vienna Abbegasse 1 ... Black List 1/378 interrogated Prof. Dr. Ettenreich .. factory was undamaged was not examined because all machinery had been removed by the Russians .. '; The machinery had been returned for two units by the Russians who wish to get valves made for themselves ... The thing of greatest technical interest at this target was a small and very neat design of electrolytic condenser which had been developed during the war by an Engineer named Viktor Winkler, who was now been discharged by Philips because of his Nazi tendencies .. ; These finished condensers were totally closed, except for the soldering tags in what appears to be a polythene moulding. Material used was an I.G. Farben product called "Igamid".. ; Horny Radio Werke Wien XVv, Gieselhergasse 11 most machines lost only 200 people employed now pre-war 750, in 1944 1800 .. factory completely destroyed .. making SJ.165 (GEMA) and EB12 both blind landing equipemnts LRG5 and LRG10 (Likely production codes, because I have never heard of these designations ... ; Osram Vienna 1 Fleischmarkt 1 (Head Office) .. Dr. Horaczek .. domestic lamp production .. factory had been owned 100% bt Westinghouse (USA). It was sold in 1924 to OSRAM and Philips who owned 50-50 in 1931. Philips sold their share to Osram, Berlin .. ; Kapsch & Söhne, Vienna XII, Johan Hofmannplatz 9 Black List 1/295 ... During the war 3000 people were employed but now only 200 are working .. ; Watt Glühlampen Fabrik Grinzingerstrasse 147 Wien XIX  This 100% subsidiary of Tungsram Ujpest. Mr. Fleischman"? (Fleischmann?) Ing Franz Otto, Rudolf Lechner, Franz Winkler the remaining 45% being held as follows: 17% by Hungary - 10% Philips of Holland 13% by Germany (Osram) and 5% by G.E.C. and B.T.H. England ...; Ing. Fritsch and Ing. Hauke .. ; Elin & Schorch A.G. Museumstrasse 3 Making Elix Lamps ... Ing. Bloch .. tungsten and molybdenum from Reutte in Tyrol glass from Inwald % Stolze .. ; Langenfelder & Putzker Schumanngass 45 Wiene XVIII ... Minerva Radio ... Gee Jammer Feuerzunge ... ;  Mix & Genest .. ; Radio Fabrik Ingelen Wien XVII Bergsteigergasse 36-8 , now small radio firm .. ; LD25



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