Visit to C.H.F. Müller, A.G. Röntgenstr. 24 Bahrenfeld, Hamburg 

Bios Final Report No. 201


Reported by:

C.G. LLoyd - Canadian G.E.

G.J. Thiesen - N.R.C.


CIOS Item No. 21

Bios Target Numbers

1/132e, C7/193, C21/744

This company was de facto owned by the Dutch Philips Company and had also links to the Valvo Company which was also fully owned by Dutch Philips. Their main target was X-ray (Röntgen) related devices.


Keywords: Firm - C.H.F. Müller A.G.; location Bahrenfeld Hamburg; personnel interviewed; plant; interesting items; aluminium housing; rotating anode tubes, vacuum type rectifiers; mecury vapor rectifiers, high voltage DC Sources; Betatrons; Dr. Fehr assistant to manager; Dr. Kuntke, high voltage physics, plant -undamaged - owned by Philips, but then the foreign influence had to be disguised, after the start of the war, basic design was also done in Hamburg; interesting items ...  sintered tungsten block, which has copper anode cast on it. The copper is cooled carefully to produce if possible one crystal and thereby obtain better heat conduction; rotating anode tubes. This idea is not new though the large disc model was a warte-time development. this tube will dissipate 40 kW for 1/10th second. Smaller ones will dissipate 3- and 15 kW; The speed rotation is 3000 rpm brought about by a two-pole motor .. ; Larger ones have tungsten anode with molydenum steel shaft ... ; Vacuum-type rectifiers; Mercury-Vapor Rectifiers; Betatrons Müller had built in conjunction with a Norwegian scientist a 15 million volt Betatron. This has been moved to Wrist. Dr. Fehr stated that this has been experimented with for the Luftwaffe with hope? of obtaining a death-ray for anti-aircraft work; A smaller 2 million volt betatron had been built



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