Organistation of Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt (D.V.L.)

BIOS Final Report No. 200

Reported by:

Major D.A. Howes, British Ministry of Fuel and Power


BIOS Target Nos.

25/79, 28/4.17, 30/1.04

Fuels and Lubricants



Keywords: D.V.L. Personnel; D.V.L. Organisation; On the occasion of a visit to Berlin - August 7th - 15th 1945, it was found that no equipment or personnel remained at Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt (D.V.L.) at Adlershof, Berlin, but that various members of the D.V.L. staff were detained at Strasse Zum Löwen 3, Wansee, Berlin by T. Force. The opportunity was, therefore, taken of interrogating these personnel on the organisation of D.V.L.; Prof. Von der Nüll, director of DVL for turbines, compressors and liquid pumps. Specialist in turbo super-chargers for high altitudes. Has done theoretical work on jet propulsion and experimental work on the condition of aircraft cabins; Dipl.-Ing. Fuchs, chief for education of engineers for aircraft work, particularly at technical schools; Dipl.-Ing. Caroselli, Chief for education of engine design. Specialist in power increase methods and altitude power output questions. Specialsit in rotary disc valves and engine valves generally; Dr.-Ing. Doetsch, In charge of wind tunnel 5 x 7 metres diameter. Specialsit in experimental work on wings and aerofoil questions; Dr.-Ing. Kuech (Küch?), Chief of non metallic laboratory. Specialist in wood and plastics; Dr.-Ing. Viehmann, Chief of electrical equipment laboratory. Specialist in electrical apparatus and radio interference by ignition systems; Dr.-Ing. Ramsayer, Specialsit in terrestial and astronomic navigation; Dr.-Ing. Görner, Specialsit in apparatus for recording high frequency movements, counting devices etc.; Dipl.-Ing. Hoppe, Director I/C instrumentation for navigation, gun sight etc.; Dipl.-Ing. Hoeke, Specialist in flight mechanics, stresse in wings and rudders and design of landing gears; At the time of the visit Dr. Paul Kornacker of D.V.L., specialsit in the use of oxygen and nitrous injection for obtaining increased power output, as for example in the Me 109 and Ju 88, had not been found; DVL organisation .. Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium set up a new administration about two and a half years ago to control all research. This was the Forschungs-Führung and its main office was at Jerusalem Strasse 65 Berlin (now completely destroyed) ... ; Prof. Prandtl, Director of K.W.I. Göttingen - carried out research on air flow wind tunnels etc. He is believed to be still in Göttingen; Prof. Georgii, Director of Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug at Ainring near Salzburg and believed to be still there; Prof. Dr. Seewald, Formerly at technische Hochschule, Aachen - aerodynamic expert. Left Aachen one and a half years ago to go to Sonthofen - S.W. of Munich where a laboratory was established for him and his staff; Adolf Baumker, High officer of the Luftwaffe and director in the Air Ministry - organisation expert, believed to be now in Munich. These for men directed and controlled all research at D.V.L. and various centres as shown in table 1



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