BIOS Final report No. 153

Miscellaneous German Radio


Communication Targets


Reported by:-

Comdr. C.G. Lloyd, R.C.N.V.R.

CIOS Item No. 7


BIOS Target Numbers

C7/204, C7/163, C7/167, C7/23(d), C7/176, 7/27, 7/58(a)


Keywords: Communication Equipment land-line; Fascimile Equipment; Teletype Dialling; Teletype Relay Testing Device; Text-Book on German Teleype Systems; Wire Circuits for Radio Broadcast; Wired Wireless Systems; Decimetre Communication Equipment; Radio-teletype Equipment (Sägefisch?); Components for Radio Equipment ..Excellent reports have appeared on the manufacturing process .. ; Ceramics with High Dielectric Constant; Recorder Magnetophone .. Ton Sb (meant is Tonschreiber b and c) and Ton Sc; Transmitters .. ; Tuning Indicators ... Dr. Mailandt of Telefunken . . ; 1000 kW Lorenz Transmitter (Calbe) ... ; Tubes (Valves); Telefunken Transmitter Tubes . . The greatest output was from the RS-564 200 kW at 1.5 mc/s and 100 kW at 15 mc/s; Ultra High Frequency Text-Book A series of books on U.H.F. has been written by Dr. Horst Rothe and Dr. Werner Kleen of the Telefunken Company, Rudolf DMG3G - DMG3aG - Michael DMG5 - Fu03




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