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BIOS 1324


On German coaxial cables and Industries


Reported by

Mr. K. Johnson    M.A.P.

Captain E.H.W. Baner    M. of S.

Lt/Cdr. W.D. Mallinson    A.S.E.

S/Ldr. R.C. Mildner    R.A.E.

Dr. L. Essen    N.P.L.

Mr. J.N. Dean

Mr. H.M. Steward


B.I.O.S. TRIP No. 1176

BIOS Target Nos:-

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C31/6771, C31/6772, C31/6773, c31/1614, C31/1613, C31/6768, C31/723, C31/675, C31/724, C31/1520, C31/6774, C31/1912, C31/6770, C31/6769, C31/4649, C31/1553, C31/272, C31/4172, C31/708, C31/1762, C31/5608, C31/700, C31/1186, C31/826, C31/6775, C31/6777, C31/5100, C31/598, C31/6778, C31/6779, C31/6781, C31/6780, C31/6782, C31/6783



Keywords:    B.O.T. Documents Unit; Kabelwerk Vacha in the Russian Zone could not be visited (one of the major coaxial cable producer; no central authority in respect to cable work; The lack of a co-ordinated development and directive authority... ; Buschbeck - Meinke - Weissfloh - Kaden - Droste - Erich Müller - Heinrich Riedel - Peters - Ochem - Gutzmann - Seibert - Ernst Fischer - Kohl - Horn - Berger - Heering; The Germans had considerable experience in semi-air-space types prior to the war ... ; Protopal and Walzen .. ; Oppanol = Polyisobutylene; Lupolen is polyethylene; Protective covering were, in the main, of P.V.C. under the names of Mipolam, Igelit, and Vinnol; Freitzheim & Rudert Berlin; Interview Prof. Esau then kept at Schloss Transit Camp at Kransberg .. ; Admiral Gladenbeck stayed in the same camp; Dr. S. Müller - Dr. Scheid; Captain Hoffmann(Hoffmann-Heyden) No. 3 Anti-Aircraft School at Heiligen See near Berlin; Professor Küpfmüller; Dr. Cords (Cordes? AOB); Dr. Pferstorff, Dr. Scheibe (PTR); IG Farben at the factory of Carl Freudenberg .. ; Lupolen (Polythene) .. Dr. Hengsternberg - Dr. Würstlin .. ; P.V.C powder is milled .. ; Mipolam was standard as P.V.C. 84% acrylic ester 16%; Diorit - known as Saran; T.forces at Bad Öyenhausen .. ; Dr. Wanner - Dr. Raymond - Mr. Rock - Dr. Schwedler .. ; oppanol .. ; Dr. Hengsternberg - Dr. Würstlin - Dr. Adolf Schwarz - Herrn Rohbock - Dr. Hirth .. ; Kabelwerke Vacha mixtures Oppanol B 60 ... ; Lupolen production 5 tons per month .. ; Diorit or Vinyledene chloride; Luvican was polyvinyl carbozole .. ; Rudolf (document page 48, not equal to the pdf numbering); Lotos used a silvered ceramic central conductor tollerance 0.001 mm; Dr. Hans Meinke - Dr. Dorothea Wendt .. ; Siemens Kabel Dr. Thürmel - Dr. Fischer head of labs - Dr. Ohmsted - Dr. Lintzel - Dr. Tamm ; Dr. Jordan the chief of Vacha ..; F&G - Felten & Guilleaume  Dr. Hesse - Dr. Mayer - Dr. Kieser; Dr. Horn Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke A.G. Nordenham i Oldenburg styroflex ... ; Dr. Boos .. ; Hermann-Berstorff Maschinenbau-Anstalt G.m.b.H. Hannover; Dr. Buschbeck .. ; RPZ Ringbahnstrasse 126-134 Berlin-Tempelhof ; Professor K. Kupfmüller NVK (N.V.K.) Dr. Jaumann - Dr. Buchmann ..