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F.D. Bolt

J.A. McIntyre

J.F. Veevers

J.H.A. Whitehouse


BIOS Trip: 1998


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Keywords:    AEG Hamburg; AEG Stuttgart; Telefunken Hamburg; Telefunken, Mahle Factory Bryestrasse, Pragstrasse 26-36; Telefunken Schöneberg  Maxstrasse Bln; Telefunken Sickingerstrasse 71 Bln; Herr Meinke Uhlandstrasse 5, Bergedorf, Hamburg; Schloss Bredeneek Praetz, near Kiel University Physical Department (Electrical) Dr. Kroebel; Hartmann & Braun (H&B) Friedenbergerstrasse Frankfurt, Herr Müller, Herr Fritsch; SABA Villingen Director Dr. Meyer-Oldenburg Engineer Herr Kraus; Lumophon Nürnberg; Rohde & Schwarz Tassilo Platz 7 München; Light Technical Institute Kannstrasse Karlsruhe;; KWI Hegelstrasse 1a Schlossplatz Stuttgart; S&H Siemensstadt Bln dr. Hoffmann, Dr. Ruf, Herr Schuckman (Schuckmann?); Interview with Dr. Kleen an expert on valves, Rothe & Kleen his book is most important: quote This work appeared most important and it might be worth while translating it and publishing.; Dr. Meinke .. ; Dr. Kraft; Dr. Gunthe Wolf (Günther Wolff??); Dr. Kotowski; Dr. Buschbeck; Dr. Bruck (Brück?); Dr. Steiner (Dr. Steimel??); Herr Spiegel; Dr. Ulbricht; Herr Maas (Maass??); An interesting calibration device for calibrating transmitters automatically was described. The method was a photographic one .... page 3!!!  ... when a beat note was heard ... Like AS60 - E52 and related microfilm scales!!!;  Dr. Max Weth; Dr. Paul Wolf (Wolff?); bolometers; Rotating Standing Wave Indicator was adapted to 10 cms and to 3 cms .. ; Dr. Kroebel; Panoramic Receiver .. ; Hartmann & Braun .. ; quoting: obviously reluctant to divulge all his latest designs and admitted that he was holding these back until he could once again market them as a business proosition. Since this firm is in the U.S. zone and the American authorities tend rather to complain that investigation teams are upsetting production, little could be done to go more deeply into that latest developments of the factory. It is suggested, however, that such an investigation should be carried out with any compulsory powers that might be necessary; Quartz clock CFQ ... ; Siemens & Halske Dr. Hoffmann, Dr. Thilo, Dr. Kuhlman (Kuhlmann?);  A series of cavity meters consisting of 6 silver plates screwed together and a very fine calibrated screw thread for the plunger (like Rel mse 2032a Frequenzmesser), Schüller AEG


It is clear that naming persons was done rather sloppy as usually in most British reports of those days!


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