Sound Recording, Reproducing

and other Electro-acoustic targets

BIOS 1176


Reported by:

E.M. Payne    (E.M.I)

M.J.L. Pulling (B.B.C.)

H.E. Parker (M. of S)


Instrument Panel Ministry of Supply

R.A.T. Party No. 43

BIOS Target Numbers See

Sections 1,11,111 & IV

(BIOS Target No.: C7/480, C9/1069, C7/536, C9/1195, C7/211, 9/98)


Keywords:    German Gramophone Record Industry; Carl Lindstrom - Deutsche Grammophon; Tefi Sound Recording & Reporting system .. complete Tefi patent list UK + DE at pages 31 & 32 (PDF file); Report on Georg Neumann and Eugen Beyer; Neumann Damping Recorder; Plant suitable for British Record Industry (trophy of war?); Carl Lindstrom A.G. 27 Schlesische Strasse Bln (American Sector); Deutsche Grammophon Podbielski Strasse Hannover (British Zone);  The matrix plating department ... ; a large number of "mothers" and matrices still in good condition ... ; record material crushing .. ; DGG 50% premises was badly damaged by bombing and fire the principle damage occuring in the record pressing building ... ; The Siemens process of silvering .. Dr. Deuhme of Siemens .. ; Tefi inventor owner Dr. Daniel business manager Mr. Brunswicker .. Porz factory .. ; Georg Neumann's factory Michaelski?strasse has been completely destroyed .. ; well known Neumann condenser microphones .. ; a very small condenser microphone (12 mm diameter) has been deployed which is said to have very high standard of performance primarily for calibration purposes .. No stocks available; Eugen Beyer demonstrated a moving coil microphone of his manifacture known as type 19B ... ; Pegelschreiber; Loudspeaker designed by Eckmiller of RRG (R.R.G.) and manufactured by Konski & Krüger .. Chaussee Strasse 17 Bln N.4; Beyer said he had been manufacturing moving-coil earphones .. ; Decelit acetate disc and flexible discs as used by RRG .. ; Saphire-tipped cutters Wilhelmstrasse Bln .. ; Neumann Damping Recorder 30 - 20,000 Hz Rel mse 124a ... ; Potmeter Tz1 10 mV to 120 mV 0 - 2.5 N - Tz2 10 mV to 1.5 V  0 to 5 N  - ...  Tz4 10 mV to 180 mV 0 to 25 db .... ; AC2, RE134 .. ; Data Rel mse 124a ... ; 




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