Messages where

Admiral Canaris' name, or cover-names,

had been once intercepted by




We like to show you a series of so-called Abwehr W/T

decrypts, collected within

the unique file

KV 3/3

The objective of this webpage, is to confront you with a series of intercepts,

made over the period of 19.5.1940 and up to late 1944.


Quite surprising - in the British National Archives we cannot trace a file on Germany's "Military Chief Secret Service Admiral Wilhelm Canaris".

Whereas, on the other hand, files exist on third class personalities.

However, a single "collection of pages" does exist - and these are just the subject of this webpage:



KV 3/3

Like I have done in various files before, available on our Website:

I copy text passages (sections) and supplementing transcriptions, including my comments; aiming herewith to enhance the implications of the subject.

This time I don't make selections, though, you will be confronted with the integral content albeit, that each W/T message being dealt with separately.


The advantage of this procedure, is, that it becomes digitally accessible (searchable), even on the web.

My comments can easily be recognised (distinguished);

as these are like:  (AOB, my comments)


This page has been initiated on 25 July 2018

Current status: 20 August 2018



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As to enhance the understanding of some aspects have to be explained in some details.

For it, I would, Deo volente, like to introduce an additional Appendix chapter.



Generally, the German Abwehr (Intelligence Services and KOs) communicated regularly between their main W/T stations by means of fixed links.

Therefore, we should first have to notice the next Map which I have derived

from various sources.


It all started with file HW 19-332;

though, my friend Rudolf Staritz commented: it only covers South-East Europe, in particular

the Balkans!

In this period, our concern was mainly focussing at the KLATT-OSTRO-JOSEPHINE endeavour; thus I took up the challenge to extent the map incorporating Western-Europe, too.

Since recently, it even have been extended southwards to the South African Union and south-east towards Persia (Iran)!



The reconstructed "Deutsche-Funklinien" map

For those who want to reproduce it comprehensively, please click at the map, and it will open in PDF

You may duplicate this map for: none commercial purposes only! though with proper reference (please).


The communication links being designated with a: prefix and a / suffix number.

Albeit, that the prefix mostly designated (written) in Roman numbers and the suffix in Arabic numbers.

For me - not yet entirely clear: do we deal here with British link-designations or were they the genuine German nomenclatures?

I tend to believe: that the latter is valid.

The main Abwehr related centres of communication were:  Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna (Wien)


(the lower font numbers, used in these reproductions, are ours)